Module 7: Using APA to Write a Lit Review and How to Write the Introduction

You know what to write, now you need to explore how to write it. This module will provide some guidance on how to write a literature review. It will discuss the content and the writing techniques that you should use to create a successful review.

The Writing Process
  • Read Chapter 9 of the Galvan Book.

  • This video includes further explanation of the parts of the literature review and a review of writing techniques to make your review more interesting and understandable. (24 minute)
  • Paragraph Writing Song by Heath - Catchy song that tells you how to write a paragraph. English and elementary teachers -  it looks like this is a whole series of songs. (1.5 minutes).
  • To Write a Paragraph song - Is another sing-along, but not as informative. (1 minute)
Writing Using APA Format
You may be tired of reading about writing in APA format.  You have a whole book filled with that information, don't you?  Here are 3 great videos that you should spend less than half an hour watching. The first two are PowerPoint-based tours through the APA rules. Not exciting but informative. The third video adds to the discussion with graphic examples.  Enjoy.
  • APA 6th Edition Part 1 introduces some writing strategies for research papers and explains APA formatting and citing. (Note: They suggest using "Running Headers" in the paper, but we don't do that at UNI.) (8 minutes)
  • APA 6th Edition Part 2 explains how to format your reference list (9 minutes).
  • Write in APA Format describes GREAT writing strategies and when and how sources are used (5 minutes).
  • Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Literature Review Wiki  Read through this wiki once now, and then once before you begin writing your paper. It's interesting how many of the tips will stick with you and shout out when you are writing.
    Writing an Introduction
    • Writing Effective Introductions (Webster University) - Explains the importance of introductions and provides examples to follow.
    • Link to the UNI IT Masters Literature Review Template - You can download it from here or from the Resources folder on our BB9 site.  Clicking this link should download the template to your computer. 
    • Intro to the UNI IT Masters Template video - You will have to use the UNI IT Masters Template to submit your introduction. Watch this video to learn how this template can save you plenty of time and effort in formatting your manuscript. (NOTE: This is from an earlier course. Unfortunately, we have lost the file with the APA Formatting Guidelines document. It is not available at this point, but the rest is OK.)
    Creating a Research Table to Summarize the Literature
    • Read Chapter 7 in the Galvan book.
    • Creating a research table is not part of your assignment but you will remember how well it organized and summarized the research when you read the research reviews at the end of the Galvan book. If you include it in your 10-page paper, it will not have to count as part of the page count.  Some of you are concerned that you will not be able to cover your content in 10 pages so don't worry about this uber-organizer as causing you problems.

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